Private Fees




We can provide services outside of the NHS such as letters, reports, medicals for employers and certain vaccinations.

Private Fees and Charges Leaflet (please note, prices updated July 2023)

Please note, medical examinations are by appointment only and a service we can only provide for our registered patients. We cannot do Extreme Sports Medicals or Power of Attorney Examinations. Please expect a wait for paperwork to be completed, as it is done outside of NHS time and often involves the GP checking lengthy medical records to ensure the information is being completed accurately. Please direct any enquiries to reception.

There can be charges associated with letters that your GP writes on your behalf. You should be advised of this either in your appointment or subsequently by telephone by an administrator.  

Private work is a separate service that the Practice agrees to offer patients. It is not an NHS service and therefore chargeable. This is because the work needs to be carried out outside of NHS surgery time, normally in evenings or at weekends. Because of this, there will be a wait for all work to be completed, which you will be advised on when you make a request. Even if the request appears relatively simple, please bear in mind that a doctor will not sign anything before thorough checks of the medical records are made.

Please put requests in writing either using the Contact Us section of this website, or by email or via post.