During the first national lockdown, the NHS contacted a number of clinically vulnerable people to advise that they shield themselves by staying at home. Shielding has been reinstated for this new lockdown. If you were previously on the official Shielded Patient List you should act as before and not leave your home unless for medical care, and limit the number of social contacts you have.

The Department of Health are sending messages to patients who were previously on the Shielding List to inform them of this and to ensure they have the correct guidance.

Further information is available on the government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19 where there is information about how to seek support on practical, emotional and social levels - or call us at the Surgery and will be happy to direct you towards sources of help.


Published: Jan 6, 2021

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