Flu Vaccination 

Who Is At Risk And Eligable For A Vaccine?
  • If you are aged 65 years or over or if you are on regular inhaled steroids
  • If you have a chronic respiratory disease (including asthma)
  • If you have chronic heart disease
  • If you have chronic renal disease
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you have a weak immune system
  • If you live in a long-stay residential or nursing home
  • If you have a chronic liver disease
  • If you are a carer

The surgery run yearly clinics (usually October time) for flu vaccinations and will update the website for your infomation. 

Pneumonia Vaccination

Do I Need To Be Protected Against Pneumococcal Infection?

Everybody aged 65 and over should now be immunised to help protect them against pneumococcal infection which can cause diseases such as pneumonia, septicaemia (blood poisoning) and meningitis. Please phone the surgery to make an appointment if the above applies to you.

Shingles Vaccination

Changes to the NHS Shingles Vaccination Programme from 1 September 2023

There has recently been changes to the NHS Shingles Vaccination Progamme. Please see listed below to see whether you are eligable for the shingles vaccination. Other patients who are immunosuppressed may also be eligable, please phone the surgery to make an appointment if this applies to you or if you have any queries. 

Patients who will turn 65 or 70 between 1st September 2023 - 31st August 2024

Patients born on or before 31st August 1953 up until their 80th birthday 

MMR Vaccination 

Measles, mumps and rubella is currently on the rise in the UK 

The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective combined vaccine which protect against 3 serious illnesses: measles, mumps and rubella. These are highly infectious conditions and can easily spread between unvaccinated people. Getting vaccinated is important, as these conditions can also lead to serious problems including meningitis, hearing loss and problems during pregnancy. Please see here for more infomation.