number 1  eConsult is submitted and received by the practice

number 2 The eConsult is triaged by a GP by close of play the next working day

number 3  eConsults are prioritised and allocated depending on urgency and requirements

number 4  You will be contacted by a clinician or an admin staff member

number 5  The outcome is relayed and the eConsult is complete


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an eConsult?

eConsult is a way to contact your own NHS GP practice online, for free, quickly and safely. eConsult is easy to use and will give your doctors all the information they need to triage and make sure every patient gets the care they need.

What type of response will I receive?

All eConsults are triaged by a GP by close of play the next working day and urgent problems are prioritised. The response can be in many forms including email, phone call and/or someone contacting you to book a face-to-face appointment.

When will I receive a response?

We aim to respond by close of play the next working day (or sooner). However, on occasions, there can be a delay and we keep patients updated by email. For urgent matters, we aim to respond within three working days and for routine within five working days.

If you feel the condition has worsened, please contact the practice, NHS 111 or 999 as appropriate.

Will I be seen?

The clinican triaging or responding to your eConsult will determine whether you need to be seen. If you need a face to face appointment, you will be given one. Alternatively, it may not be necessary for you to be seen and the problem may be resolved remotely.

I have submitted an Administrative Help eConsult - When will I get a response?

Administrative eConsults will be responded to within 3 working days. If there are any delays, we will keep you updated by email.

When I try to complete an eConsult, the system kicks me out and asks me to contact the practice or NHS 111

Please contact the practice and inform them. You will be advised how the medical condition will be best resolved. Contact NHS 111 when the practice is closed or 999 in an emergency.

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