Appointments during the Covid-19 pandemic


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this current pandemic. We would like to reassure you that we remain open but, in line with NHS England guidance, all our GP appointments will start with an initial telephone triage appointment.

Our surgery is open during this time with phone lines open as normal. We are not able to advise on Covid-19 related symptoms but can help with any other medical need. All GP appointments will be conducted over the phone in the first instance.

If you need a doctor's appointment, you will first be offered a telephone call with the doctor. If the doctor feels you need to be seen, they will organise this.

We are still offering some nurse appointments, but several non-essential services have been suspended.

  • We are still offering urgent blood tests, childhood immunisations, certain injections, smear tests and contraception clinics.
  • Our physiotherapists are running virtual clinics.

To request a GP appointment, please either call the Surgery on 01227 462197/462311 or complete an e-consult

E-Consult offers the ability to send us a photo. For advice on best ways to do this, please see this document: How to Take a Medical Photo

If needed a 'face-to-face' appointment will be arranged at a suitable time and location. We request everyone attending surgery to wear a face covering, and our staff will be wearing PPE including a mask, as per guidance. Please continue to call for appointments or use our new online doctorlink service.

Please note, GP appointments are 10 minutes long and doctors see patients every 5 - 10 minutes all day. Please be mindful of this as you may need to prioritise one or two problems in your consultation.

Dealing with multiple problems will cause doctors to run late. During this particularly pressurized time we ask patients to be aware of this and bear with us when we are especially busy.

Please also bear in mind that 8:30 is not necessarily the first appointment of the day - doctors sometimes see patients before this time at their own discretion, which are extra appointments and may cause them to run late even first thing in the morning.

Many thanks.