It has been reported in the media that NHS Digital are planning a large-scale patient data extract. This has now been pushed back twice with no new date announced, but we will update this page when we learn more. The intention is to automatically collect data from your GP patient record, which is anonymised and will be stored on a centralised database, with the purpose of informing healthcare planning and research.

Some concerns have been raised over how this data will be stored and who might be able to access it in the future and anyone has the option to opt out if they do not want their information shared. Your data will automatically be included if you do not opt out.

To opt out, you need to complete a Type 1 Opt Out form and send it to us at the Surgery so that we can code your records accordingly, to prevent the automatic extract.

Information about the data extract, and a link to the opt out form, is available at this link: General Practice Data for Planning and Research: NHS Digital Transparency Notice - NHS Digital and for your convenience, you can download the opt out form here: /media/content/files/Type%2B1%2BOpt-out%2Bform%20(1).docx - simply complete it and email it to or drop a printed copy through our door.


Published: Jun 1, 2021