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Parking - please note, due to the constraints of being a city-centre Practice, our parking is unfortunately very limited. There is room for approximately 4 or 5 cars in the front car park. The rear car park is for staff only and patients are not permitted to park there. Nearby parking is available in the town centre, in Longport Car Park, Dover Street Car Park, in Waitrose St George's Place (although custom should be given to one of the shops there) and on Ersham Road. Please be mindful when parking at the front of the surgery not to block the front doors in a manner that will restrict access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Do not block the drive as access is constantly required, and be considerate of other patients by parking at a right angle to the building, limiting the space between your own and the next car and not blocking others in. New Dover Road Surgery cannot be held responsible for damage to or theft from vehicles. The front car park is monitored by Closed Circuit Television.

Appointments - routine appointments are available up to 4 weeks in advance and are also available to book online. For more urgent matters, please call first thing in the morning to ask to see or speak to a GP the same day. We cannot guarantee which GP you will see as it depends on availability on the day. If you are unable to attend in the morning, please call after 12:30 for an afternoon appointment. You may be listed for a telephone triage appointment with a doctor first, who may be able to help you over the phone, or else will ask you to come down.
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